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We believe that creating the right image is an important component in ensuring the success of your business. Whether you are a sole trader or a multi advisor firm it is essential to create a strong brand identity.  A well designed logo and identity can put you far above the competition, especially if they are teamed with a robust marketing strategy and high quality marketing material.

A strong brand helps to create and sustain the company’s reputation and standing with both its customer and business partnership base.

Stonebridge currently has two very distinct brands.

Stonebridge Group
It was felt the original name of Stonebridge Mortgage Solutions was somewhat restricting as it suggested the company provided only a mortgage broking service. By adapting it but retaining the Stonebridge element of the name it kept our ‘presence’ within the area alive and  enabled us to demonstrate that a far wider range of services were available.  The logo itself was designed to be viewed in two ways. The more obvious is that of a ‘key hole’ which ties the company in with the house purchase sector. The second and perhaps not so obvious is that of two elements linking together and becoming a cohesive working unit enabling the sharing of ideas and practices.


The idea behind the name Revolution was to signify how the implementation of a software system can transform an organisation, bring about change and ‘revolutionise’ how it operates on a day to day basis.
The word revolution is often represented in pictures as a raised arm expressing victory and the beginning of change. The Revolution logo was designed as a graphical representation of this concept.